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The use and attention of straight hair appliance

Date£º¡¾2017-5-31 16:49:20¡¿
The use of hair straightener
1. Read the instructions of the straightener.
2, first of all, wash your hair, and do not use conditioner can be.
3, the hair is dry or dry with a hair dryer.
4. Connect the straightener to the power supply and warm the heating plate for a few minutes.
5, will need to deal with the hair division, comb smooth.
6. Use a straightener to hold your hair slowly from the root to the top.
7, the hair in accordance with 5, 6 steps, layer by layer processing completed.
8, after the hair is processed, disconnect the power supply and cool the hair straightener.
Precautions for using a hair straightener
1 ¡¢ the hair straightener belongs to the high temperature electric appliance, don't touch the heating board with your hand.
2, use the hair straightener Qianyao determine hair is dry.
3, pay attention to the use of hair straightener should always keep moving, do not stay in the hair.
4, each clip of the number of hair should not be too much, too thick, otherwise the effect of straight hair is not good.
5, after each use, wait until the temperature of the hair straightener is lowered to room temperature for storage and storage.

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