steam 2-in-1 curling straightener

Straightening, curling, beach waves, barrel curls, finger waves...

Argan Oil Infused Hair Steam curling straightener

This Argan oil Infused Steam curling iron is the latest Innovation in Hair Styling Technology.
The Essential Steam Styler smooths and transforms unmanageable,frizzy hair,
to soft silky smooth hair. The unique twisted body enables you to Straighten,
Wave or Curl hair quickly and efficiently in one single pass.
The Far infra-red heat energy from the one Pass Gold Nano-Ionic Ceramic
Plates helps seal in essential moisture from the Essential oil Steam Treatment Infusion System,
eliminating frizz and split ends. How does this innovative technology work? On steam application,
the hair cuticle opens allowing all the nutritional ingredients from the Argan oil Conditioning
Treatment to be instantly absorbed.
The heat then closes the hair cuticle sealing in all the goodness from the Essential oil Conditioning
Treatment leaving hair soft,
manageable and hydrated whilst providing a healthy appearance and professional looking style.

Perfectly Undone Curls Steps:

Step 1: Start in back with large vertical sections.
Step 2: Hold the iron vertical and use a soft rotation.
ihair Tip: Leave the ends out for an unpolished look.
Step 3: Alternate direction to keep curls separated.
Step 4: Keep sections big in front and start curl at lip level.
ihair Tip: For textures curl a few smaller sections slighter and higher.
Step 5: Once hair is cooled, brush through on finger comb.

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